The person in charge of this project is Gabriela Celeste, a Mendoza native chosen by Michel Rolland (the most renowned French winemaker in the world) to continue his legacy in Argentina.

Gabriela managed the EnoRolland laboratory for twenty years, providing services to a large number of Argentine wineries. She is currently the owner of the EnoRolland laboratory.

An agricultural engineer, specializing in viticulture and enology, Gabriela Celeste developed her professional career around the world of wine, and since her beginnings, she has worked in the Mendoza industry. Those who know her know she is one of the leading figures in Argentine winemaking. Her name is a brand that conveys honesty, seriousness, and solidity.

Gabriela Celeste

Enological Team

Gerardo Pereyra

Gerardo Pereyra, a teacher by trade, began his journey in the world of wine in 2007, training at the Escuela Argentina de Vinos. He also obtained the Professional Certificate in Tasting and studied the Sommellerie Technique. Passionate about viticulture and winemaking, he provides technical support to our project and another in his hometown.

Enrique Mirazo

Enrique Mirazo, agronomist engineer and technical advisor in viticulture, has acquired experience in France, Spain, the United States, and Chile. In addition to being a private advisor in winemaking ventures in Uruguay, Brazil, and Argentina, he also serves as an external advisor to INAVI in Uruguay.

Mónica Canela

Mónica is the alma mater of this project; she has been leading the vineyard for 10 years under the guidance of Enrique Mirazo. She has always worked on large projects related to plants...